As someone who comes from a Native background this is sad to see. The timing of this blatant attempt to destroy a valuable piece of history is curious. As there is some speculation on how someone might be able to commit the resources and time to do such a thing. I for one am not surprised, especially after the racial backlash over the comments made during the fire near Lethbridge last week. Having played minor hockey throughout southern Alberta for many years growing up it has always been obvious how people really think about the Native people in various communities around southern Alberta. This is best epitomized in the way their own children would readily be throwing racial slurs at myself and my teammates on and off the ice. These being kids, one would have to wonder where they get this perspective, how is this hate nurtured and made into the blatant lack of respect that it is? I only hope that whoever did deface such an important piece of Native culture and history can one day realize the consequences of their actions and feel a little bit of remorse. Although I wouldn’t be expecting it any time soon. I don’t advocate hate, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore the “accepted” way of things here in Alberta as they are. I for one do not believe there was any sincerity in the apology made by the man who accused that the Lethbridge fire was caused by some event or person on the Blood reserve. It was obvious how he felt, only when he had to deal with the consequences of his words did he try to save face. Which to me, is how most of Canada operates in this day and age.


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To the interwebs, Welcome to my blog, which will be covering a variety of issues and topics that may inform some of you of things that you hadn't known before. Coming from a Native background, there are many misconceptions and preconceptions about who we are as a people and how history has treated my people. I don't want to come off as a bitter Indian as some people may start to think, I do have other interests that I'm sure most of you will share with me. I hope to educate some as to who we are as a people and also to share certain events that may interest my readership. I tend to partake in many live music shows and have an interest in taking pictures from some of these shows and may post them as well. The arts have always interested me as well, considering that there are many great mediums of art that have inspired me to take up drawing as a hobby. One of my favorite publications has been VICE magazine, which covers a vast array of topics that range from humorous and ridiculous to some very serious issues. I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek approach of writing they apply to their articles. Many of their writers obviously have an opinion and many of their topics could be deemed offensive. Yet they manage to write with a cavalier attitude that, to me, really seems to drive home the point they are trying to make. Something that I hope to emulate as a writer and a journalist some day. The other day I heard from an instructor of mine that one of the most important things as a journalist is to THINK FOR YOURSELF! In his words, "what you want to say is not as important as to what your reader wants to hear." View all posts by nativespeakersceneseeker

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